Sashiko Stitching Day with sound of rain.

Sashiko Stitching Day.

I hear a soft quiet sound of rain from outside. No lawn mowing is suitable for such a day. Yes, then it is a Sashiko Stitching Day. Sashiko is a form of needlework developed in Japan a couple of centuries ago. I, as a homemaking dad, happened to be a professional Sashiko artist. So I enjoy hand-stitching some small projects.


Stitching like a Meditation

I used to dislike the stitching, especially Sashiko stitching. It is probably because I was forced to do it for the family business. After getting out of the stigma, I start realizing the stitching has a massive positive effect on me. It benefits me as if I am meditating.


It took about a little less than 2 hours to finish the stitching, with watching TV from time to time. Not many people practice hand-stitching in the modern society. However, it may be my mission to pass this down to the next generation. I am happy to do so as home-making dad. If my daughter got interested in this, I would be happy to share my expertise.





For another Sashiko Stitching Day

Sashiko stitching can be applied to many other types of crafts such as patchworking, quilting and even tailoring the fashion items. In fact, one of my hobbies is to repair (and mend) my denim jeans with Sashiko stitching. Although I have a list of things to do for the house, while my daughter is in daycare, between of my works, I look forward to blog about another day with Sashiko stitching.


For another Sashiko stitching day, I am piling the fabric to inspire myself. Any request to make things with Sashiko stitching?

If you are interested in Sashiko stitching, please visit my company, Upcycle Stitches LLC. We sometimes sell the product I made in spare time, like the day with quiet rain outside.



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